I was born in a small town on the East Coast of these great United States, you may have heard of it–New York City? In truth, I was born on the island of Manhattan and raised in the Bronx. I attended public school, worked odd jobs, made it through college, against all odds, all the to way to getting my Ph.D. at the University of Delaware in 2013. So, it’s Dr. Rivera, believe it or not.  I have taught at the National Defense University and Duke University. At Duke University I not only taught but established a computational security studies lab that worked closely with the Special Operations Community in their complex mission set. I still do all that, more or less.

However, throughout it all, my love for music endured. I have performed in gin joints and saloons all over the upper east side Manhattan and other joints in New Jersey, Chicago, and other places. I am now returning to music, one of my first loves.

Why standards? They are a reminder of innocence in a time where innocence is so badly needed. They are extremely challenging artistically. And they remind us of a better time when we were more united, more in sync, and snapped our fingers to the same beat.

Here’s to the music, the men and women who make it, and my humble attempts to honor all that and entertain you!