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  1. Western depravity has been uncovered. During our protest march, a mother came running to us for help. She claimed that her son was being raped. Elements of Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi moved to the crime and discovered four European development workers raping two young boys. The Europeans said that they were “Bacha boys” , like they had used in Afghanistan. Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi immediately took the men into custody and are being held in undisclosed location. They will be safe until they are given a fair trial then punished.
    وقد تم الكشف عن الفساد الغربي. خلال مسيرتنا الاحتجاجية، وجاءت الأم تعمل لبنا للحصول على مساعدة. وادعت أن ابنها كان يجري اغتصاب. انتقلت عناصر من آل Hashd آل Sha’abi إلى الجريمة واكتشفت أربعة العاملين في مجال التنمية الأوروبي اغتصاب اثنين من الصبية الصغار. وقال الأوروبيين بأنهم “باشا الأولاد”، كما أنها قد استخدمت في أفغانستان. تولى آل Hashd آل Sha’abi فورا الرجال إلى السجن وهم محتجزون في مكان غير معلوم. وسوف تكون آمنة حتى يتم منحهم محاكمة عادلة ثم معاقبتهم.

    • Unlike you, we actually have command-and-control capacities and monitor the whereabouts of all military units. All EUFOR soldiers are accounted for in battle positions, none are reported missing. Heat sensors show no extraordinarily large groups of people gathered anywhere within the perimeter, except for locals distributing food and supplies to the soldiers guarding the city against your militias.

    • Your twisted fantasies are a new low. While I cannot speak for the depravaties among the Hashd camp besieging our still untouched city, law and order remains intact among the populace of Mosul along with the human decency lacking in the mind of the pervert Falih al Fayadh. Idle threats and blatant lies are a disgrace to yourself and your cause. The Tigris Regional Authority commends the EUFOR defenders of our city for their cultural sensitivity and honor #TruthDignity. #MosulStands. #TRA&EUFOR #Mosul

  2. Why exactly would the primarily Sunni, Christian, and Kurdish population of Mosul welcome Shia militias from the South who have labelled them apostates? Fayyadh’s words defy not just the truth, but common sense.

    (No, creating a dysfunctional Al Jazeera link by altering the tagline won’t help prove you’re right.)

  3. I awaiting Tusk to deny the truth as it is inside Mosul right now. His forces are standing by idly outside out great city with the anti-government Tigris regional authority. We are marching freely, by the will of God. Let the world see what the people of Iraq truly want, all colonial western powers to stop stealing Iraq!
    Iraqi Proverb: An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.
    نا في انتظار تاسك لإنكار الحقيقة كما هي داخل الموصل في الوقت الحالي. وقواته يقف مكتوف الأيدي مدينة خارج من عظيم مع المناهضة للحكومة دجلة السلطة الإقليمية. ونحن نسير بحرية، بمشيئة الله. دع العالم يرى ما شعب العراق يريد حقا، كل القوى الغربية الاستعمارية لوقف سرقة العراق!
    المثل العراقي: ان جيش من الخراف التي كتبها أسد أدت هزيمة جيش من الأسود من الأغنام يقودها.

  4. Via Twitter: After a long night of chanting, hundreds of thousands of our brothers are currently crossing our beloved Tigris! #EUGoHome #IraqforIraqis

  5. I am overjoyed with the response of our fellow Iraqi faithful. We are all marching to the University of Mosul protesting the EU and its colonial era siege of foreign city.
    I beg the EU forces to stand down and not to interfere with the marchers. They are being protected by the mujahedeen of the Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi.
    Sunna and Shia walking and working together against foreign interlopers, isn’t one occupation this century enough?
    God is great!

    أنا أشعر بسعادة غامرة مع استجابة من إخواننا المؤمنين العراقي زملائه. ونحن جميعا نسير إلى جامعة الموصل احتجاجا على الاتحاد الأوروبي وحصارها الحقبة الاستعمارية من مدينة أجنبية.
    أتوسل قوات الاتحاد الأوروبي بالتنحي وعدم التدخل في المسيرة. ومحمي من قبل المجاهدين من آل Hashd آل Sha’abi.
    السنة والشيعة المشي والعمل معا ضد المتطفلين الأجانب، لا يتم احتلال واحد هذا القرن بما فيه الكفاية؟
    الله أكبر!

    • Following my Friday prayers this afternoon several of the memebers of my Mosque in Mosul have approached me with concern over the vulgarities and sinful lies spewed by the Hashd spokesmen. For the sake our children and for the good of your soul brother, I plead with you to speak truthfully hencforth.
      Battles are won on the field of combat, not from behind your keyboard. Try and enter our city with hostil intentions and be shot down as a dog. #MosulStands. #TRA&EU. #HashdLies

      • I prayed this afternoon as well at the Great Mosque of al-Nuri.
        then I took a walk with hundreds of thousands of fellow Iraqis to the University of Mosul protesting the EU siege of Mosul.

        I understand brother why you are beholden to the infidels. They hold the purse strings to your happiness, but it is a ruse. The EU seeks to exploit Iraq and its resources for its own sake, leaving Iraqi children to be raped for their amusement.

        I beg you to leave the EU lines and walk with me through Mosul.

  6. Rueters Via Twitter: Hundreds of thousands of marching through Mosul protesting EU siege.

    • Having taken my daily walk to the TRA office this morning I can attest that life continues as normal for the good citizens of Mosul. Markets and cafes are open for the first time since the explosion of Daesh and taxis are shuttling the faithful to mosque to thank Allah the righteous for protecting us from genocide at the hands of al Hashd.

      • Denial will not work. You are confused in your office in Brussels. Why is it shocking when Iraqis welcome other Iraqis.
        You can threaten Iraq with boats, katushas, airplanes, and helicopters all you would like; that has been done before by one much more capable than the EU.

        I would like an explanation for your development workers raping Iraqi children?

  7. It is currently 7:36pm in Mosul (8 hours ahead of EST), and the day has elapsed without any protests, manifestations, or uses of force. The EUFOR perimeter holds steady. It seems level heads have prevailed over rash action.

    If peaceful conditions hold tomorrow, the European development workers will continue their work to restore the power grid and running water within the perimeter. We pray all sides allow this to happen. Mr. Fayyadh, surely you would not deprive the citizens of the chance to have clean water again?

  8. Protest Chants heard through the night across Mosul
    BBC (Mosul)- Not since Kabul in 1980 has the chant been heard from so many voices through the night. Then it was Afghanis protesting the Soviet occupation of the capital city of Kabul. Now, it is Iraqis protesting the siege by the armed forces of the European union of the recently liberated city of Mosul.
    At first, the chanting started north of the Ninevah ruins, in what was the University of Mosul. Ironically, the call for protest spread without social media, instead by word of mouth as the chant of “Allahu Akbar” could be heard from both Sunna and Shia neighborhoods across all of Mosul.
    Following a media firestorm between EU President Donald Tusk and Popular Mobilization Forces Chairman Falih al-Fayyadh, two EU battlegroups moved to shut down the city of approximately one million residents. The EU forces, here ostensibly on peace keeping mission, now find themselves threatening offensive actions toward the PMU.
    With the PMU, reportedly at an unverifiable strength of close to 70,000 fighters already within the city of Mosul, the EU forces are faced with a daunting challenge of urban combat. Though the EU units are bolstered by anti-government forces of the Tigris Regional Authority, the position that President Tusk has put his commanders on the ground in Mosul is untenable. According to one EU commander on the ground in Mosul, “For Greek warriors, there was no true glory if they were not remembered afterward in poem or in song. There will be no true glory for our soldiers in Iraq”.
    According to sources within the protest movement, there is a protest march planned to occur later today, Friday afternoon following the prayer service. The PMU has planned to march with the protesters as protection against EU interference.
    And the chant goes on into the night, a ghostly whisper with both the promise of peace and the coming tide of war.

  9. Rueters Via Twitter: The night over Mosul has erupted as thousands went to their rooftops chanting Allahu Akbar protesting EU siege #rueters #euprotests

  10. Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier has been deployed in Eastern Mediterranean, equipped with Eurofighter Typhoon planes.

    The incessant talk of “cleansing,” violence and Jihad by the Al-Sha’abi Popular Mobilization Units has left us and our allies deeply concerned. Mosul and Northern Iraq have seen enough suffering and death.

    We may all have different opinions and political objectives. But these can only be resolved if loose cannons are restrained and dangerous groups are not allowed to initiate senseless violence on a whim. Peace and accountability are ultimately in everyone’s interest.

    As a result, any violent attacks by the Al-Shaabi militias on the EUFOR perimeter will now be met by deployment of the fighter jets. TRA has given authorization for use of their airspace. This is in addition to the long-range missiles from EU NavFor units in the Aegean and the Eurocopter fighter helicopters deployed from the Mosul airbase. It is a battle the militia infantry cannot win.

    Again, we do not seek to use these capacities. They will be deployed if and only if Al-Fayyadh follows through on his threat of violence tomorrow. Let us all pray that he does not.

  11. His Eminence issues a strong admonition to the EU. Be careful that you do not slip into a quagmire not of your making. Not everything is as it appears to be. And if you are here to protect European workers, why is your force so large? The sons and daughters of Iraq will not stand for another invasion. Be careful that you do not slip into a quagmire not of your making.

    • The force is not large – man-to-man we are outnumbered by the PMU 20-to-1. We have no desire nor capacity to conduct any invasion. The technological force we may deploy is proportional only to the threat our workers face. Simply read through Fayyadh’s comments below to get a sense of the gravity of this threat: we’re not the ones preaching extermination and cleansing.

  12. His Eminence Grand Ayatallah Ali al-Sistani calls for calm, peace, and dialogue. Iraqis, whether Shi’a, Kurd, Arab, Sunni, Yazidi, or Christian have suffered enough. Falih al-Fayyadh, faithful son, Sheikh Adam, faithful son, embrace each other in the name of peace.

  13. These are the threats that the infidels launch at Iraqis, violating Iraqi sovereignty.
    What the president of the eurpoean union fails to understand, is that al-Hashd al-Shaabi is already in Mosul.
    We are welcome guests of our fellow Iraqis.

    Here is the threat conveyed to sovereign citizens of Iraq by the president of the EU,
    “Mr. Al-Fayyadh,

    As you have been made to understand, an active army composed of two EU battlegroups and auxiliary EUFOR forces has taken up defensive positions around the entirety of the Mosul downtown perimeter and the Qayyarah oil fields. They will unconditionally defend the European development workers in the town.

    Whatever your opinion of the Tigris Regional Authority, you must concede that violence is not the right course of action. If you believe the TRA to be terrorists and thugs, then do not stoop to their level.

    We are prepared to mediate the situation. I understand you would favor the withdrawal of foreign soldiers from Mosul – we are prepared to do this if and only if a peaceful arrangement is reached with our help.

    As you are aware, the Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi Popular Mobilization Units were integrated into the regular Iraqi armed forces on December 19, 2016. They are therefore now subject to national high command. A refresher:

    As a result, the EU will consider all Al-Sha’abi actions as representative of the official Iraqi government position. You are responsible for the consequences thereof.

    You are not equipped to defeat a professional European force supported by attack helicopters and armored vehicles. You would be ill-advised to provoke an inter-governmental incident through a military confrontation you cannot even win.

    EU NavFor (Naval Force) units in the Aegean are already on high alert and have trained long-range rockets on your infantry positions. If you do not issue a public announcement that your units will stand down by midnight EST today, the EU will further deploy the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle to the Eastern Mediterranean. Eurofighter Typhoon fighter planes will be able to fly over Kurdish airspace to Northern Iraq and ensure total air superiority over any infantry advances on Mosul in the event of an attack.

    Stand down.

    Donald Tusk

    President of the European Council”

    • Threatening Iraqis with katushas from ships, tanks, and fighter planes fails to prove to Iraqis that the EU wants peace.
      Ask the United States how well fighting an insurgency works inside Iraq.

      I find it ironic that the president of the eu knows the exact location of every armored vehicle inside a city in Iraq.

      This is very humorous to me. I am typing this while standing on the Old Bridge looking over the most beautiful Tigris River.

      Tomorrow, Mosul will rise after afternoon prayer to the one true God and will march.
      I assume any force used by your soldiers as an act of aggression against the whole of Mosul and Iraq.

      Did the EU give you a mandate for war?
      الله أكبر

      • I find it ironic that a plea for peace, non-violence and a dissuasion from aggression could be construed as a mandate for war. Only in your mentality.

  14. To back up my statements below, see current map of EUFOR perimeter around Mosul:

    • Having just visited the valiant soldiers and tank crews guarding the perimeter of our capital city, I say proudly that the Tigris Regional Defense Force and EUFOR are both prepared and willing to defend Mosul, here is an army that could whip the devil. Obviously the Hashd hoard is intimidated and has stalled. Our scouts report mass desertion from the pro-goverment forces. The righteous fear only God the Merciful. #Mosul #EUFOR #TRA #ComeAndTakeIt

      • I too return from the perimeter of this great city, where our tribesmen and brave allies are ready to defend this city. When we took dinner, the wives of the soldiers were almost too distraught to prepare a meal. They cried to us, wondering when the onslaught would end, when Mosul would be left alone, and when our people would be free from terrorist oppression. We consoled them with the words of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon him) and with the fact that the international community, led by the brave men and women of the EU, are fighting for justice alongside our brothers. Our oppressors do not value fact, but the TRA and the EU will not let this stand, insha’allah. I plead to all of you, defenders of the lives of the innocent, to not forget the people of Mosul.

    • This is what the president of the eu wants…

      “As of June 29, 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Defense casualty website, there were 4,424 total deaths (including both killed in action and non-hostile) and 31,952 wounded in action (WIA) as a result of Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

  15. Falih al-Fayyadh: False.

    Earlier you admitted EU forces held Mosul city center. You have not yet fired a shot against EUFOR and now you claim to control all neighborhoods. How?

    The truth is EU armored vehicles are stationed on all Tigris bridges. Nordic Battlegroup occupies positions on the Western bank, on Mosul highway 1 in the north (Hayy ar Rabi neighborhood) and south (Hayy al Mansur) approaches, as well as the Western approach through Hayy al Yarmuk. Visegrad battlegroup occupies positions on the Eastern Bank at intersection of Mosul highways 2 and 80 (near Al Thakran Mosque) and on the southern approach to Highway 80 in the Domeez neighborhood. Highway 2 is barricaded from the eastern approach at the Radhwan compound.

    Thus all approaches to downtown Mosul (both banks of the river) are closed off. There are no al-Shaabi militants within the perimeter, though they frequently approach the checkpoints yelling insults. There are no reports of student demonstrations at the University. In fact there has been no enrollment at the university since 2014 and most former students left the area when ISIS attacked!

    Mr. Al-Fayyadh, stop spreading lies to gain fictional territory where your soldiers cannot. Stand down!

    • The Tigris Regional Authority stands vigilant with its European Allies to defend the citizens of Mosul from unspeakable atrocities and wanton violence. Moral remains high among the soldiers and officers of the TRA as thousands of citizens are mobilized to defend their city yet again. Paramilitary forces of the Abadi Regime have not and shall not enter the city to harm civilians #MosulStands #Ready #الله اكبر
      #صراع المصول

  16. It is amusing to watch the EU bring in more soldiers to try and force Iraqis out of Iraq.
    Currently the TRA have been chased out of Mosul. The al-Hashd al-Shaabi has been reinforced by 40,000 local Mosul mujahedeen. We have control of Al-Jamhuri hospital, all five major bridges that cross the Tigris. We have control of the all of the neighborhoods in Mosul, including the ones surrounding the University of Mosul north of the Ruins.
    Tomorrow, the proud and defiant university students will be launching a protest march against the infidel occupation forces occupying their university. They plan on marching from the Az Zanjili neighborhood across the Tigris River, down University highway to the University of Mosul. This will be a peaceful march of protest, guarded by the mujahedeen of al-Hashd al-Shaabi!

    ومن الطريف أن يراقب الاتحاد الأوروبي جلب المزيد من الجنود في محاولة لإجبار العراقيين خارج العراق.
    حاليا هيئة تنظيم الاتصالات قد تمكنوا من طردهم من الموصل. وقد تعززت آل Hashd-آل الشعبي من قبل 40،000 المجاهدين الموصل المحلي. لدينا السيطرة على مستشفى جمهوري، جميع الجسور الرئيسية الخمسة التي تعبر نهر دجلة. لدينا السيطرة على جميع الأحياء في الموصل، بما في ذلك تلك التي تحيط جامعة الموصل شمال اطلال.
    غدا، طلاب الجامعة بالفخر والتحدي سيتم إطلاق مسيرة احتجاجية ضد قوات الاحتلال الكافرة الاحتلال جامعتهم. أنهم يخططون لمسيرة من حي من الألف إلى الياء Zanjili عبر نهر دجلة، بانخفاض جامعة الطريق السريع المؤدي إلى جامعة الموصل. وستكون هذه المسيرة السلمية للاحتجاج، تحت حراسة من قبل المجاهدين من آل Hashd آل الشعبي! forces-as-liberators-hundreds-of-thousands-flock-to-join-protests-170309103448101.html

    • Why would the Sunni, Kurdish, and Christian population of Mosul welcome Shia PMU (Al-Shaabi) forces from the South? Where would the depleted reserves of Mosul find weapons to arm “40,000 mujahedeen”? Where would you find students to protest if there has been no enrollment at Mosul University since 2014 and most former students left when ISIS advanced?

      Next time provide functional news links!

    • Sectarianism and hate speech from a radical Islamic terrorist that does not even speak the language of the Holy Quran! I know the Shiites of Iraq to be good people who love Allah, yet the leader of the Hashd is a whore son who defies religion. Allah the merciful shall protect the righteous and deliver the sons of Mosul from the tyranny of Baghdad. #TRA #TigrisRunsDeep #حريرة

    • The Baghdad dictatorship of Abadi does not represent the minority of Mosul. Mosul and the surrounding area has decided to speak for itself and the Tigris Regional Authority is its voice. Our city of Mosul remains free of sectarian violence so long as it is self governed, not oppressed by the Shiite zealots of al Hashd and their Iranian puppet masters. #TRA #EUFOR #MosulSpeaks

  17. Is it always like this with European colonial powers seeking to take what they want from the Muslim world?

    ودائما أحب هذا مع القوى الاستعمارية الاوروبية التي تسعى إلى أخذ ما يريدونه من العالم الإسلامي؟

    • Sectarianism and hate speech from a radical Islamic terrorist that does not even speak the language of the Holy Quran! I know the Shiites of Iraq to be good people who love Allah, yet the leader of the Hashd is a whore son who defies religion. Allah the merciful shall protect the righteous and deliver the sons of Mosul from the tyranny of Baghdad. #TRA #TigrisRunsDeep #حريرة

  18. EU Battlegroups 3 and 12 (Nordic and Visegrád) have assumed combat positions around Mosul perimeter. Auxiliary EUFOR companies are guarding the university and the Qayyarah oil fields. Eurocopter attack helicopters patrolling area. EU Military Staff (EUMS) has authorized use of lethal force if hostilities commence.

    On 19 December 2016, the Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi militias were integrated into the regular Iraqi forces. It seems those around Mosul are once again commanded by irregular tribal chieftains. This is unacceptable conduct. Regardless, EUMS will consider any actions taken by Al-Sha’abi combatants as reflective of official Iraqi government policy.

    We call upon the Iraqi government to tell the militias to stand down and discontinue all hostilities immediately.

  19. The Tigris Regional Authority offers thanks for the swift action of those in the international community and calls for the condemnation of Hashd al Shaabi and the Iraq government for inspiring sectarian hate and unprovoked violence against civilians.

    • Hashd Al Shaabi must rightfully be classified alongside Daesh (ISIL) as a terrorist organization by the international community and promptly dealt with as such. #PrayforMosul #WarCrime

  20. The U.S. stands by our ally Turkey and offers the U.S. Sixth Fleet to help protect the Straits against unwanted Russian incursions.

  21. Two of the 18 EU Battlegroups are being deployed to Mosul to support the defense perimeter established by the existing EUFOR forces around downtown. This represents 3000 additional combat personnel, 2,000 support personnel, 200 armored vehicles, and 15 Eurocopter attack helicopters. ETA 10pm Mosul time (2pm EST). EU NavFor (Naval Force) placed on high alert in the Mediterranean, long-range rockets ready for deployment.

    • The people of Mosul look to the yellow flags of blood lusting Hashd al Shaabi on the horizon, thinking of the inhuman atrocities already carried out by this sectarian army threatening their lives and their city and pray for God’s mercy and favorable seas for the reinforcing EU forces. -Emir Adam of the Tigris Regional Authority

  22. It is for this repeated failure that the TRA was formed and cannot be abandoned. We pose no threat to Iraq, it is Iraq that poses threats to us, a story that has not changed for well over a decade. We can at best hope for compassion for the people of Mosul from the international community. It is unjust that Mosul once again be attacked by its own people. The TRA is clearly the only body willing and able to protect our people, and put their lives first.

    How many more must be martyred before the people of Mosul may have peace? 

  23. Radical militias were sent from Baghdad harassed our peaceful Authority. We condemn sectarian violence, but they encourage it! We will defend ourselves and our brothers and sisters so long abused by the so-called protectors of Iraq!

    Again, the Iraqi government has failed its Sunni brothers, once again has failed Mosul, once more demonstrated that political games are more important than the lives of fellow Iraqis! Should they march on us, they will only again demonstrate their twisted priorities! May we remember our supposed sovereigns still have reliable power and internet from which they may twist the truth! Infrastructure they deny to the war-weary Mosulites! 

  24. Thanks be to God, the four skirmishes reported have concluded. We have lost ten martyrs, may God rest their souls, to the same, senseless sectarian violence that the TRA was formed to lay to rest. Naturally the Iraqi government so quickly reported on the violence they are responsible for, attempting to contort deaths of members of the Umma for political gain. God willing, this senselessness will soon end!

  25. There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

    اشهد ان لا اله الا الله

    اشهد ان محمد رسول الله

    اشهد ان علی ولی الله

  26. The waves of Iraqi mujahedeen will cleanse Mosul of all of the apostates and the infidels forever!
    God is Great!
    فإن موجات من المجاهدين العراقيين تطهير الموصل من كل من المرتدين والكفار إلى الأبد!
    الله أكبر!
    الله أكبر expected-90,000-PMU-Forces-will -reach-Mosul-today-170309103448101.html

    • Genocidal actions carried out by radical Shia militia threaten regional stability. TRA security forces hold defenses at Mosul perimeter and pray for swift international intervention to halt ethnic cleansing of non-Shia. EUForce security is implored to defend Mosul’s infrastructure and civilians from this unprovoked act of war

    • To the Iraqi government, stop this madness or the United States will find an Iraqi government that will.

  27. The EU Mosul Development Project (EUMDP) is off to a fantastic start. 1,200 workers of the European Development Fund (EDF) are currently renovating the University of Mosul and restoring water and electricity services at multiple points in downtown Mosul. 10% of the pledged $50 million has already been deployed.

    However, the escalation of skirmishes between al-Hashd al-Shaabi and the Tigris Regional Authority on the outskirts of Mosul are alarming. As result, the 300 peacekeepers initially accompanying our development workers have been issued lethal weapons. An additional 700 soldiers of the EU Military Force (EUFOR) have been redeployed from Kosovo to Mosul, accompanied by 3 Eurocopter transports. This represents the fifth extraterritorial deployment of EUFOR in history,

    EUFOR soldiers currently serve only a peacekeeping role. However, for adequate protection of our development workers, EUFOR is occupying key positions on all roads leading into downtown Mosul, the university, public administration buildings, and the Qayyarah oil fields. We advise all combatants to avoid these areas, stay completely clear of downtown Mosul and the oil fields, and stand down their arms when approaching EUFOR positions. European soldiers are authorized to fire if they or EDF personnel are in danger. No “cleansing operations” will be tolerated.

    With this in mind, heed the EU’s call for negotiations and de-escalation.

    • Now we see the infidels for their true purpose, to steal Iraq for themselves!
      The EU infidels have brought in troops to secure their kafir university where they can spread the wickedness of the west. They talk of peace, but arm for war… We are ready, let the Jihad commence!
      The apostates are being dealt with now, the next wave of Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi mujahedeen will deal with the infidels in Mosul city center!

      الآن نرى الكفار لغرض الحقيقي، لسرقة العراق لأنفسهم!
      جلبت الكفار الاتحاد الأوروبي في القوات لتأمين جامعتهم الكفار حيث يمكن أن ينتشر الشر من الغرب. يتحدثون عن السلام، لكن تسليح للحرب … ونحن مستعدون، والسماح للجهاد تبدأ!
      يتم التعامل المرتدين مع الآن، فإن الموجة التالية من المجاهدين آل الحشد الشعبي‎‎ التعامل مع الكفار في وسط مدينة الموصل!

  28. At the time of a test, a person rises or falls.
    في الامتحان يكرم المرء أو يحان.

    Nineveh ( Large troop reinforcements arrived on early Thursday in western Mosul preparing for a new phase of operations by pro-Iraqi government militias against Tigris Regional Authority militants.
    A statement by the media service of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) said the reinforcements arrived late Wednesday preparing for the “cleansing phase” of operations in Mosul.

    وصلت نينوى ( تعزيزات عسكرية كبيرة في وقت مبكر الخميس في غرب الموصل تستعد لمرحلة جديدة من العمليات التي تقوم بها ميليشيات موالية للحكومة العراقية ضد المسلحين السلطة الإقليمية دجلة.
    وقال بيان لخدمة وسائل الإعلام من آل Hashd آل الشعبي (حشد وحدات الشعبية) وتعزيزات وصلت في وقت متأخر الأربعاء التحضير لمرحلة “التطهير” للعمليات في الموصل “.

    الله أكبر
    Allah Akbar

  29. At the time of a test, a person rises or falls.
    في الامتحان يكرم المرء أو يحان.

    “Nineveh ( Large troop reinforcements arrived on early Thursday in western Mosul preparing for a new phase of operations by pro-Iraqi government militias against Tigris Regional Authority militants.
    A statement by the media service of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) said the reinforcements arrived late Wednesday preparing for the “cleansing phase” of operations in Mosul.”

    وصلت نينوى ( تعزيزات عسكرية كبيرة في وقت مبكر الخميس في غرب الموصل تستعد لمرحلة جديدة من العمليات التي تقوم بها ميليشيات موالية للحكومة العراقية ضد المسلحين السلطة الإقليمية دجلة.
    وقال بيان لخدمة وسائل الإعلام من آل Hashd آل الشعبي (حشد وحدات الشعبية) وتعزيزات وصلت في وقت متأخر الأربعاء التحضير لمرحلة “التطهير” للعمليات في الموصل “.

    الله أكبر
    Allah Akbar

  30. 2 hours ago, the apostate forces of the Tigris Regional Authority attacked mujahedeen heroes of Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi. At least five were martyred protecting Mosul. It is time for Jihad!! Allah Akbar!!
    منذ 2 ساعات، هاجمت قوات المرتد السلطة الإقليمية دجلة الأبطال المجاهدين من آل Hashd آل Sha’abi. استشهد خمسة على الأقل حماية الموصل. لقد حان الوقت للجهاد !! الله أكبر!!

  31. To the faithful there is no god but God and his Prophet, peace be upon him. Like there is no god but God, there is no Iraq but Iraq. One Iraq. United Iraq. Faithful to the one God. This should guide the faithful.

  32. The US commitment to NATO remains ironclad and unconditional. We look forward to boosting our defense presence there and improving economic ties with our EU allies. Our leaks have been dealt with and we will respond to Russia in due course.

  33. The lies coming out of Russia are YUGE, so unprecedented. Press release on this tomorrow. Can’t believe the level of betrayal by Putin.

    • Question for you Mr. Trump. You say that these claims are false, but you just confirmed them in your private communication channels with your cabinet. Should I have these released too?

      • Fake news! All leaks will be dealt with in an appropriate matter. And if I were you, I’d be concerned about information security in Russia.

  34. Russia is pumping out FAKE NEWS. All these leaks are false! This is just a sad and desperate attempt by Putin to undermine my big election win.

  35. منطقة النهر الدجلة
    Tigris Regional Authority

    الثلاث ٧ مارس ٢٠١٧م

    وتم توحيد القيادات القبلية من العراق في شجب النظام المنفى الآن المستشار القبائل السنة لتعزيز الكراهية الطائفية والتعاطف مع الدولة الإسلامية. قبائل شمر، الجبور، و القبيلة منذ ذلك الحين القوة الموحدة في السلطة الإقليمية دجلة (الهيئة) التي تتحدث عن القبائل والمواطنين من العراق. يرأس دجلة الإقليمي اعتمد الشيخ آدم بن آل شمر لقب أمير ويؤكد من جديد التزام المنظمة للاستقرار الإقليمي وحقوق الإنسان للمواطنين في الموصل والمنطقة المحيطة بها. هيئة تنظيم الاتصالات تنبذ الإرهاب بأي شكل من الأشكال، بما في ذلك العنف الطائفي التي يعاني منها منذ فترة طويلة أمتنا.
    ودول الجامعة العربية من جزر القمر وتونس، وجارنا الغربي للمملكة الأردنية الهاشمية بالفعل معترف بها رسميا منظمتنا، ونحن ندعو جميع الأطراف الإقليمية أن تفعل الشيء نفسه.

    Tuesday 7, March 2017

    The Tribal Leaders of Iraq are unified in denouncing the now exiled oligarchical regime of the Sunni Tribal Counsel for promoting sectarian hate and sympathizing with the Islamic State. The Shammar, Jubur, and Dulaym tribes have since consolidated power into the Tigris Regional Authority (TRA) which speaks for the tribes and citizens of Iraq. Heading the Tigris Regional authority Sheikh Adam Ibn Adbdullah al Shammar has adopted the title of Emir and reaffirms the organization’s commitment to regional stability and human rights for the citizens of Mosul and the surrounding region. The TRA renounces terrorism in any form, including sectarian violence that has long plagued our nation.

    The Arab League nations of Comoros, Tunisia, our Western neighbor the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Kurdish Regional Authority have already officially recognized our organization and we invite all regional actors to do the same.

    • The Sunni and Shi’i Brothers and Sisters of the Al Jebour tribe are happy to be represented by the TRA, who is best suited to speak for the many and war-fatigued Mosulites! The Jebour are proud to have been fighting those who twist the peaceful words of our Prophet (Peace be upon Him) for personal gain since our involved fight against Al Qaeda, and al-hamdulillah, we have succeeded in throwing the heretical Daesh from our back. The TRA and Al Jebour will insure the safety and prosperity of our people!

  36. Iraq must have a place for Sunnis. And that place is with the Iraqi government. International peacekeeping force may be necessary.

  37. The United States will not tolerate European support of terrorism. @DonaldTusk have you forgotten the Paris, Berlin or Nice attacks? How dare Tusk support ISIS!

  38. New hope for revitalized region. Stay tuned for the latest developments from the Tigris River Region in Northern Iraq #MosulPressConfrence

  39. Iraq is making great strides in helping our great people live better lives. I speak to all my brothers and sisters when I say that Iraq is open and willing to work towards common goals, but only with those who have our nation’s people at heart. Iraq will make no worse enemy to those who threaten us, yet we will be no better ally to those who support our vision as a beacon of hope in the region.

    Hoshyar Zebari

    • The Sunni voice is censored by the Abadi Dictatorship. End the Oppression. #Mosul4theMosulites

      • The sunni APOSTATE voices need to be cleansed from Iraqi soil. They are mere puppets of Saudi princes who are beholden to their western infidel masters. Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi prays that Al-Sayyid Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani issues a fatwa so we can finish the work of Muhammed!!!

  40. In order to protect Iraq from the Apostates and the Ottomans, Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi will move it’s forces into Mosul. The Ottomans are trying to buy Mosul with beads. The EU seeks to give Iraq to the apostates. Where is the US help @Trump?

  41. @Trump (Denton) Mr. Pompeo sends his regards. Удачи.

  42. In the eyes of God, the Merciful and the Just, there are no Sunnis and Shia’s. There are only sons and daughters fighting jihad against evil in our hearts, seeking wisdom and holiness above all, each in our own way, but forming a common path through the ways of the Prophet, PBUH, until we are one with God, the Merciful, the Just.

  43. Put righteousness above all else and God, the Merciful and the Just, will look over you, cherish you, and preserve you. Avoid the wickedness that is everywhere around you. If you, the faithful, preserve your holiness, we shall be a holy nation, united and pleasing in the eyes of almighty God, the Merciful and the Just.

  44. ISIS is a dangerous threat. They are still lingering in Sunni regions of Iraq and Syria. The U.S. will avenge the Bowling Green Massacre!

  45. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings are atrocious. Huge embarrassment, no wonder the network wants to drop him.

  46. Twitter: The Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi moved forces to the #Saudi border and north of #Kirkuk. Thanks be to God!!

  47. Now that I am president, we are going to win so much. Our greatest enemy, Nordstroms, is first on our list. On Notice! Iran and North Korea will have to wait.

  48. The FAILING New York Times is lying to the American people. They say I have small hands. FAKE NEWS! Election win was huge. SAD!

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