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  1. The Tigris Regional Authority wishes to invite refugees of Iraqi origin to return home to a peaceful Mosul. This will serve to alleviate the migrant crisis plaguing Europe and Turkey by allowing refugees to return to their homes in the Tigris Region. Vetting applications and eligibility for a $700 welcome home voucher can be found at Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters.

  2. Take that Assad!

  3. I would personally like to congratulate the UNC Tarheels on their heroic American NCAA victory. I extend an invitation to the team for much borscht at the Kremlin.

    #GoHeels #IPromiseIWon’tStealAnyChampionshipRingsThisTime

  4. Turkey has effectively presented its case to the United States. We in Washington would like to recognize the Turkish residents of Mosul, and the claim of Turkey to Mosul as legitimate, the United States MUST emphasize, that this must be taken into consideration with other legitimate claims to Mosul, primarily the TRA’s.

    • Your excellency, I think you are forgetting the will of the Iraqi people as part of this negotiation. The TRA does not represent the people, only the remnants of daesh.

      يا سيادة، أعتقد أنك تنسى إرادة الشعب العراقي كجزء من هذه المفاوضات. الهيئة لا تمثل الشعب، إلا بقايا داعش.

    • You are demographically correct that there are a number of ethnic Turkmen living in Mosul, yet these neighbors of mine are members of the TRA just as any other citizen of Mosul. Equal protection and voting rights have been extended to all peoples regardless of ethnic or religious background. #TurkmenForTRA #TurkmenInTRA #OneMosul #TigrisRunsDeep #HumanRights #WillofElectorate #Democracy #TRA

  5. Russia is fully committed to peaceful coexistence in the Middle East, and works on a cost/benefit strategy regarding the matter. While Russian troops were deployed to ensure the TRA could maintain their humanitarian efforts in a secure environment, Russian analysts have determined that the threat of attack is substantially lower at this point in time. As such, Russian military base construction will be halted and Russian troops will not mobilize in the near future. This is to ensure stability in the region. However, Russia is willing to resume construction and deploy its forces should the TRA request such an action under the threat of attack. After withdrawal from the region, financial and humanitarian resources will be allocated to provide public health and safety. I personally encourage the United States to aid Russia in these attempts, and want those who act aggressively in the region to understand that they will be facing the full force of Russia’s military capabilities if found to be necessary.

  6. The United States cannot recognize Turkey’s claims to Mosul. We will work with our Turkish allies to find a diplomatic solution because I make the best deals. I know if, you know it, everybody knows it. They actually call me the great dealmaker, because I’m so good at it. If you haven’t read the Art of the Deal, you should, it’s the solution to Mideast peace. Turkey must consult with their American and EU allies, before they end up attacking US troops in Mosul and Erbil.

    We believe our Turkish allies must avoid resorting to violence. If they do not, bad things might happen to them. It would be a shame if Erdogan were toppled in some sort of Kemalist coup; thank goodness the United States has absolutely no history of or experience with covertly toppling regimes and installing governments favorable to our interests.

    Also, Russia has to go! Russian presence in the TRA will bring about World War 3! They have no respect for sovereignty #crimea

  7. @foxandfriends so accurate as always. Showing the Failing New York Times and Fake News CNN what real journalism is. #uraniumtoRussia #sad

  8. Time for me to lead America, stand up to our foes. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia, you’re next!

  9. The same phony news media that said I could never win are now making up stories about me and Russia. TOTAL SCAM! MAGA!

  10. Subhanallah…. My eyes are no longer capable of reading the worthless and grotesquely google-translated statements of “Al-Fayyadh,” who is verifiably NOT of Iraqi origin.

    Anyone who is willing to desecrate our celestial Arabic language is no brother of Iraq, and clearly has no objective other than to create fractures within our multilateral efforts. Therefore, I would encourage all national leaders to not waste any more time & energy upon this heretic.

    The TRA calls upon all of its allies (in the East, West, or anywhere in between) to support our fight for stability, prosperity, and democracy within the region. We hope you will cast aside any mutual hostilities and strengthen our fight — whether ideologically, economically, or militarily — against all violent factions within Iraq.

    #DefundPMF #RestoreMosul #TheTRAwillLeadTheWay

    • Sheikh stormie, I find it hard to believe that I have to explain android platforms automatic translation from a mobile device to you.
      Do I need to let you know that you are “mufti ibn mufti” to show that I am a true Iraqi?

      The TRA is not representative of the Iraqi people or the Iraqi government. In fact, I challenge that they are an extension of the apostate daesh forces that have been defeated and driven before us on the battlefield, with the help of the Peshmerga, our brothers from Iran, and the United States.

      I look for leadership both from Prime Minister Abadi and the great dealmaker Mr. Trump to help broker a deal for peace and prosperity, without European imperialism.

      الشيخ ستورمي، أجد أنه من الصعب أن نعتقد أن لدي شرح منصات الروبوت الترجمة الآلية من جهاز محمول لك.
      هل أحتاج أن أخبركم بأنكم مفتي بن مفتي لإظهار أنني عراقي حقيقي؟

      الهيئة ليست ممثلة للشعب العراقي أو الحكومة العراقية. في الواقع، أنا أتحدى أنها امتداد لقوات داعش المرتدة التي هزمت ودفعت لنا في ساحة المعركة، بمساعدة البشمركة، إخواننا من إيران، والولايات المتحدة.

      أبحث عن القيادة من رئيس الوزراء العبادي والرائد الكبير السيد ترامب للمساعدة في التوسط في صفقة للسلام والازدهار، دون الإمبريالية الأوروبية.

      الله أكبر!

  11. Light fighting reported around Qayyarah oil fields. No substantial loss, but enough concern to draw the Iraqi government’s attention to the fact that PMU terrorist activity in the region still has not ended. Baghdad: how do you expect us to respect your wishes when you still cannot control your own forces?

    As EUFOR soldiers and locals welcome the American forces redeployed to Mosul, we are at utter military and technological superiority. Any claims to tactical victories by rabble militia are nonsense.

    • I watch as the eurpoean union forces tremble as they realize they cannot possibly fulfill their master’s mission of the exploitation of Iraq, even with the submissive assistance by the puppets of the tigris regional authority.
      The Iraqi people will not stand by idly and let this happen again.
      Why do Europeans feel that they need to insert themselves into our country?
      Is this white man’s guilt played on a global stage?
      Was Sykes-Picot not enough?
      God is Great!

      أشاهد كقوى الاتحاد الأوربوي يرتعش وهم يدركون أنهم لا يستطيعون تحقيق مهمة سيدهم في استغلال العراق، حتى مع المساعدة الخاضعة من قبل دمى السلطة الإقليمية دجلة.
      الشعب العراقي لن يقف مكتوف الأيدي ويترك هذا يحدث مرة أخرى.
      لماذا يشعر الأوروبيون أنهم بحاجة إلى إدراج أنفسهم في بلدنا؟
      هل هذا الذنب الرجل الأبيض لعبت على المسرح العالمي؟
      هل كان سايكس بيكو غير كاف؟
      الله أكبر!

      • Although it hardly bears pointing out, ya Falih al-Fayyadh, the world knows you lie. Thanks be to God that the just in the world have been able to hear the true worries and hopes of the Iraqi people, whom we faithfully serve. It is because of people like you and groups like Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi that the Iraqis cannot stand on their own! We are grateful for the support of the brave warriors and peace-bringers of the EU and the US, giving us hope that one day the people of the TRA may stand strongly and proudly and prosper!

  12. The United States would like to clarify to Russia about our European and Turkish allies in NATO:
    1. Elections are considered critical infrastructure for a nation, so tampering with them constitutes an act of aggression.
    2. Any use of vigilantes, special forces, or other forms of hybrid warfare, against a member of NATO, will be considered grounds for invoking Article V. In such an event, the United States will defend our allies with the entirety of our military means, including a thermonuclear response.
    3. Cyber attacks which result in physical damage which might be accomplished through other military means will be considered equivalent to an attack carried out by other military means, pursuant to the Department of Defense’s LAC.

    • Does this mean we aren’t invited to the next Sykes-Picot meeting the US is holding?
      US will only ever look out for themselves and military action and threats are their favorite tool. No one is buying what you’re selling anymore.

  13. Vladimir Putin, Ayatollah Khamenei, and CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON are the founders of ISIS! PATHETIC!

  14. Dear Iraq,
    Please end the standoff between your PMU forces and EU/TRA forces outside Mosul. If you do not resolve this dispute within the next month, the United States will.

    President Trump

    • Mr. Trump,
      al-Hashd al-Shaabi completely supports your lethal targeting of the Imperialist European union forces and the Tigris Regional Authority puppets.
      We are the true representatives of the Iraqi people. More so than an appointed puppet finance minister or the security forces of the French Oil Company.
      We also would like to turn over the five European criminals that were caught raping the children of Mosul for prosecution for war crimes.
      Thank you again Mr. Trump, we await the destruction of the imperialist forces!
      God is Great!

      السيد ترامب،
      ويؤيد الحشد الشعبي تماما استهدافكم القاتل لقوات الاتحاد الأوروبي الإمبريالية والدمى التابعة لسلطة دجلة الإقليمية.
      نحن الممثلين الحقيقيين للشعب العراقي. أكثر من وزير المالية المعين أو قوات الأمن التابعة لشركة النفط الفرنسية.
      ونود أيضا تسليم المجرمين الأوروبيين الخمسة الذين تم القبض عليهم اغتصاب أطفال الموصل للمحاكمة على جرائم الحرب.
      شكرا لكم مرة أخرى السيد ترامب، ونحن ننتظر تدمير القوات الإمبريالية!
      الله أكبر!

      • I believe you misunderstand me.
        If it was not for the United States, you Shia would still be licking Saddam’s boots. As a result, we trust you will act in good faith with your American backers and resolve these conflicts with the Tigris Regional Authority peacefully.

        • Mr. Trump,
          The tigris regional authority is nothing more than a front for the eurpoean imperialists that wish to steal Iraqi oil.
          I would much rather make a deal with you, the great dealmaker, and the United States than deal with this invasion of boy lovers.
          God is Great!

          السيد ترامب،
          السلطة الإقليمية في دجلة ليست أكثر من جبهة للإمبرياليين الإوربويين الذين يرغبون في سرقة النفط العراقي.

          وأود أن الكثير بدلا من التوصل إلى اتفاق معكم، و ديلاكر كبير، والولايات المتحدة من التعامل مع هذا الغزو من عشاق الصبي.
          الله أكبر!

          • You trip over your words, ya Falih al-Fayyadh. Do not condemn and insult and make lies about the West to grasp at your fleeting power, only to come back and grovel to the same you insulted, like an unclean pig who has no food himself so he begs for trash! If you even pretend to care about the safety and prosperity of the Iraqi people, ya Falih al-Fayyadh, you will withdraw your terrorist forces from Mosul and scamper back to your Iranian master!

            • Khalaf, as you grasp at straws and beg for scraps from the table of your European masters, I look to fellow Iraqis, the brave Peshmerga who have fought valiantly against the apostates, to help protect the oilfields of Iraq from exploitation of the imperialists of europe.
              In fact, I see a day when all Iraqis, Kurds, Shia, Sunni (who have repented from their daesh masters) can move forward together.
              I also look to Mr. Trump, the great dealmaker, to help Iraq in this quest.
              We know his business acumen, and if anyone can broker this deal, it would be him.
              Since there has been no involvement of the Iraqi Prime Minister, I will move forward with power/ profit sharing planning as a representative of the Iraqi people, without european imperialist involvement.
              God is Great!

              خلف، كما كنت فهم في القش والتسول لالخردة من جدول سادة الأوروبي الخاص بك، وأتطلع إلى زملائه العراقيين، البيشمركة الشجعان الذين قاتلوا ببسالة ضد المرتدين، للمساعدة في حماية حقول النفط في العراق من استغلال الإمبرياليين من أوروبا .
              في الواقع، أرى يوما يمكن فيه لجميع العراقيين والأكراد والشيعة والسنة (الذين أتموا من أسيادهم) أن يتقدموا معا.
              وأتطلع أيضا إلى السيد ترامب، كبير المفاوضين، لمساعدة العراق في هذا المسعى.
              نحن نعرف فطنة أعماله، وإذا كان أي شخص يمكن أن يتوسط هذه الصفقة، سيكون له.
              وبما أنه لم يكن هناك أي تدخل من جانب رئيس الوزراء العراقي، فإنني سأمضي قدما في التخطيط لتقاسم السلطة / الربح كممثل للشعب العراقي، دون تدخل إمبريالي أوروبي.
              الله أكبر!

  15. There is no connection between my presidency and Russia! FAKE NEWS! MSM is pushing their own agenda. The United States will help prevent Russian aggression in Europe and the Middle East. We will outbid Russian on every level!

  16. The United States and Saudi Arabia have committed to cooperating to bring peace to Iraq and deter the Iranian menace. We will repair the damage to our relations done by the crooked Barack Obama

  17. May peace be upon you brothers and sisters.
    I am writing you this victorious communiqué to let you know that al-Hashd al-Shaabi has won a major victory against the European imperialists.
    As of this morning, the mujahedeen of the al-Hashd al-Shaabi has captured the oil rig outside of Mosul that was stolen from Iraq by the French Oil Company.
    We suffered some light losses, but were able to kill 14 western mercenaries and capture 12 more lackey technicians. This is not including the 5 criminals that we caught in Mosul raping the children of Mosul.
    We were supported in our efforts with artillery support of our Shiite brothers from the west.
    We reject the European Union’s attempts to colonialize Mosul.
    We reject the European soldiers attempts to steal Iraqi oil.
    The Iraqi government, Tigris Regional Authority, and Kurdistan Regional Government are all lackey to foreign governments and extra-hemispherical influence.
    We stand ready to fight for Iraq and our fellow Arabs.
    God is Great

    سلام عليكم إخوة وأخوات.
    أكتب إليكم هذا البيان المنتصر لإعلامكم بأن الحشد الشعبي قد حقق انتصارا كبيرا ضد الإمبرياليين الأوروبيين.
    واعتبارا من صباح اليوم، استولى مجاهدو الحشد الشعبي على منصة النفط خارج الموصل التي سرقتها شركة النفط الفرنسية من العراق.
    لقد عانينا من بعض الخسائر الخفيفة، لكنهم تمكنوا من قتل 14 مرتزقا غربيا وإلقاء القبض على 12 من الفنيين الآخرين. هذا ليس بما في ذلك 5 المجرمين التي وقعناها في الموصل اغتصاب أطفال الموصل.
    لقد دعمنا في جهودنا بدعم المدفعية من إخواننا الشيعة من الغرب.
    إننا نرفض محاولات الاتحاد الأوروبي لاستعمار الموصل.
    نحن نرفض محاولات الجنود الأوروبيين لسرقة النفط العراقي.
    الحكومة العراقية، سلطة دجلة الإقليمية، وحكومة إقليم كردستان كلها تفتقر إلى الحكومات الأجنبية والنفوذ خارج الكرة الأرضية.
    ونحن على استعداد للقتال من أجل العراق وزملائنا العرب.
    الله أكبر

    • you are fake news. Sad!

      • Hoyshar, I am afraid that you fallen under the spell of the promises of the imperialists.
        That is why the Quds force had to help fellow Muslims repel the threat of imperialist desires.
        al-Hashd al-Shaabi will continue to fight for Iraq and protect all Iraqis.
        Hoyshar, may you live a long life.
        هويشار، أخشى أن تندرج تحت وعود الإمبرياليين.
        ولهذا السبب كان على قوة القدس أن تساعد زملائها المسلمين على صد التهديد بالرغبات الإمبريالية.
        وسيواصل الحشد الشعبي القتال من أجل العراق وحماية جميع العراقيين.
        هويشار، هل يمكن أن تعيش حياة طويلة.

  18. The finance and defense ministers of Iraq have been in consultation with our American counterparts and have reorganized our national efforts. We request the international community to come together on the following goals for Iraq. We look forward to the support of our brothers in arms to help realize the true potential behind Iraq.

    Our goals are:

    1. To rebuild our broken infrastructure to promote economic growth and improvements to the standards of living for all citizens.
    2. We want to promote Iraqi sovereignty however we promise to respect the dignity and respect of our Shia brothers and others.
    3. We want to negotiate more regional autonomy to those within our borders, while maintaining a close and mutually beneficial relationship with them.
    4. We want to promote Iraq as a country that will be a best friend a a fierce foe. We will not let our allies down.

    We encourage every and all actors to reach out to us personally for negotiating looking forward.

    Hoshyar Zebari

    • Where have you been for the past 3 weeks when PMU forces surrounded Mosul?

      • sadly, it has been out of our control. after said events we decided it was in our best interest to act.

        • Fear is what has driven his inaction. That is why the Iraqi government failed to support al-Hashd al-Shaabi in it’s struggle against western imperialist endeavors to steal from Iraq.
          Hoyshar, you have made your loyalties known to the world, that you are a whore to the west while you turn your back on the Umma.
          الخوف هو ما دفعه إلى تقاعسه. لهذا السبب فشلت الحكومة العراقية في دعم الحشد الشعبي في نضالها ضد المساعي الإمبريالية الغربية لسرقة العراق.
          هويشار، لقد جعلت الولاءات الخاصة بك معروفة للعالم، وأنك عاهرة إلى الغرب في حين قمت بتشغيل ظهرك على الأمة.

  19. EUFOR proudly provides security for peaceful meetings and cultural events currently ongoing in Mosul. The gravest danger has passed.

    • You need to collect your dead Academi mercenaries at the French Oil Company oil rig.
      Their smell is drawing the flies and the jackals.

      تحتاج إلى جمع الخاص بك الميت مرتزقة الأكاديمية في شركة النفط النفط الفرنسي.
      رائحتها هي رسم الذباب والرافعات.

  20. Glory of Mosul restored! Ancient Artifacts and priceless statues lost during the recent conflict have been recovered, restored, and are now on display in a TRA sponsored museum for Mosulites to celebrate their proud history. Several prominent members of the Shammar and Jubur tribes spoke during the opening ceremony as patrons of Academic research. Thousands of free falafels and purified bottled water were provided to museum goers, eager to learn more. Our history once again belongs to us, Mosul was once and shall remain a proud city. #OurHistory #AncientMosul #MuseumOfMosul #TRAfortheArts #PreserveHistory #FreeFalafel

    • It is funny that such malicious fake news is circulated by Falih al-Fayyadh, he who no one knows, no one supports, no one believes, as we, the united members of the TRA, uplift our people. The world will watch and no one will hesitate to give us their trust, for, God willing, justice has not yet been stomped out by the hateful Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi!

    • No matter how many times violent radicals try to interrupt our fight for peace and respect within the region, we will use each time as an opportunity to gain that respect back tenfold.
      The recent restoration of our museum and sacred artifacts is possibly one of the greatest examples of the harmony we hope to establish throughout the region. We call upon every nation, whether east or west, to cast aside any hostilities and support our efforts for multilateral stability!!!

  21. Sheikh Storm Al-Duliam of Anbar’s prominent Duliam Tribe was a leading voice in the Tigris Regional Authority’s Shura council. Diverse representatives from Tikrit, Ramadi, Fallujah, and Samara agreed unanimously to become part of the stable and prosperous Tigris Regional Authority, the territories of Nineveh, Anbar, and Saladin Provinces now included. Meetings regularly occur in Mosul for TRA Shura Councils. The only true democracy within Iraq, finally representing the oppressed North Western Region of Iraq.

    • God is great! Together we will rebuild our nation, for our nation, by our nation. Thanks be to god.

    • Alhamdulillah for the ever-growing unity amongst our brothers and sisters throughout the Tigris and Euphrates regions! This was one of the most productive Shura councils since we reinvigorated our efforts to bring stability to the land.
      The TRA and its allies will continue to fight for democracy and civil rights until it is restored to every family, tribe, and sect.

  22. The United States would like to work with Turkey to destroy the PKK, despite our disagreements over their claims to Mosul.
    I would also like to encourage Iraq to make an oil deal with the U.S. We’d love to contract out a few oil fields!

  23. Since the so-called “Pompeo Leaks” last month, which detailed what Russia claimed to be American foreign policy strategy regarding the Middle East, the CIA and FBI have been involved in an intense investigation. Russia claimed that CIA director Mike Pompeo had released the documents himself and then defected to Moscow. While this obviously wasn’t the case, all evidence indeed pointed to the fact that Mr. Pompeo did send the classified information to the Kremlin. Until today, the investigation had yielded no results.
    Early this morning, CIA investigators reviewing activity on Mr. Pompeo’s private servers noticed an anomaly. Upon further prying, it was discovered that his servers, personal files, and e-mail had been accessed by someone within the agency. By tracing the previously-concealed IP address, investigators were led to the computer of a Mr. York (AKA Yuri Sokolov). Working as an entry level analyst, Mr. Sokolov, who was able to bypass CIA security and background checks after being assigned to seek employment from the agency by Russian security agency FSB, hacked into the director’s personal files. Immediately being arrested and interrogated, Sokolov admitted to his crimes, and is facing charges of espionage.
    It is expected that President Trump will have Mr. Sokolov deported to Russia. His fate in Moscow remains unknown.

  24. Crooked Falih al-Fayyad is a loser and in many ways, highly overrated. Total lightweight and low energy! I bet he wasn’t even born in Iraq. WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

    • He is a terrorist, Mr. Trump, there is no other way to describe the sectarian hate carried out by the paramilitary PMF. They are disrupting the regional stability we have worked so hard to maintain together. #DefendDemocracy

      • Adam B., what an apt name for a European puppet.
        we are the true representatives of the Iraqi people as voted by the parliament.
        I question why you are in your present position.
        What lies did you tell your fellow Muslims and Iraqis to hide your true allegiance to the imperialist west and your personal conquest for riches?
        نحن الممثلون الحقيقيون للشعب العراقي كما صوت البرلمان.
        أنا أسأل لماذا أنت في وضعك الحالي.
        ما الذي يكمن في إخبار زملائك المسلمين والعراقيين بإخفاء ولائك الحقيقي للغرب الإمبريالي وفتحكم الشخصي للثروات؟

  25. To all whom it may concern: Brother al-Fayyadh is in no way connected to or in coordination with the Iraqi government. We declare our full intention to work with our fellow humans for the betterment of our society. Brother al-Fayyadh, come to reveal yourself as a good muslim brother, not a pawn of our enemies.

  26. If the Kurds and the TRA are willing to work with the U.S. against Iran and to fight radical Islamic terror, then we will back them 100% guaranteed!

    • The United States must also work with the Iraqi government if it truly wants to work towards a safe and secure Iraq. Iraq will stand with our muslim brothers and world community to ensure Iraq becomes a beacon of hope for the middle east.

      ایالات متحده همچنین باید با دولت عراق کار می کنند اگر آن را واقعا می خواهد به سمت امن کار و امن عراق است. عراق با برادران مسلمان خود و جامعه جهانی خواهد ایستاد تا اطمینان حاصل شود عراق چراغ امید برای شرق میانه است.

      كما يجب على الولايات المتحدة أن تعمل مع الحكومة العراقية إذا كانت تريد حقا العمل من أجل عراق آمن ومأمون. وسوف يقف العراق مع إخواننا المسلمين والمجتمع العالمي لضمان أن يصبح العراق منارة للأمل في الشرق الأوسط.

  27. A recent census released by the Turkish Task Force on Ottoman Heritage reveals that a large majority of Mosul’s population is of Turkmen descent, culturally closer to their Turkish brothers than fellow Iraqi citizens.

    • Very clever. I always knew President Erdogan was very smart!

    • The government of Iraq promises the people of Mosul to be promised equal rights regardless of their religion, heritage or decent. They are an asset to the people of Iraq and without them, Iraq would not be the same. We are a people of great pride and openness.

    • I can assure you sister, that when Hoyshar promises you something, it is with the full approval of his imperialist masters.
      He is nothing more than a puppet of the west.
      His morning prayer consists of nothing but Fuluz, Fuluz, Fuluz. (Iraqi Arabic for money for the kafirs in the audience).
      أستطيع أن أؤكد لكم أخت، أنه عندما وعد هوشهر لك شيئا، هو بموافقة كاملة من سادة الإمبريالية له.
      إنه ليس أكثر من دمية من الغرب.
      صلاة الصباح له لا شيء سوى فولوز، فولوز، فولوز. (عراقي عربي مقابل المال للكافر في الحضور).

  28. The United States would like to declare its intention to build Fort Trump, a major U.S. military base, outside of Mosul. It’s going to be big, and beautiful, and it’s going to keep ISIS from coming back. The United States can protect all Iraqis from radical Islamic terror.

    • Brother Trump,

      In order to build military fortifications on Iraqi soil shall violate our SOFA. I warn against doing so, as we are willing to work with the United States as long as it is a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation.

    • this is yet another example of western imperialism.
      Couple this with the raping of the children of Mosul by the five detained westerners and the stealing of Iraqi oil.
      This will not stand
      وهذا مثال آخر على الإمبريالية الغربية.
      زوجان هذا مع اغتصاب أطفال الموصل من قبل الغربيين الخمسة المحتجزين وسرقة النفط العراقي.
      وهذا لن يقف.

  29. The sunrise over the Tigris in Mosul is awe inspiring.
    Reminds me of the old Arabic proverb, “في العجلة الندامة و في التاني السلامة In haste there is regret and in taking time there is peace/safety”.
    Even though we are besieged by European infidels, victory is in sight.

  30. Map drawn of the boundaries laid out in the 1920 National Pact. It is impossible for Turkey to remain separated from the Mosul question. Their history is our history!

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